It is important that you understand what you are signing:

  • Sometimes a professional translation is required.
  • If it is in a foreign language, which you do not understand sufficiently, I may have to insist that a translation be obtained.  If I arrange a translation, a further fee will be payable.
  • Unless you have a good understanding of the language yourself, an informal or amateur translation is rarely satisfactory.
  • If you arrange for a professional translation, the translator should add his/her name, address, relevant qualifications, and a certificate stating:

“Document X is a true and complete translation of document Y, to which this translation is attached”.In some circumstances the translator will need to sign that certificate in my presence and I will need to certify that he/she has done so.



Usually you will have the document prepared by the lawyer in the relevant jurisdiction dealing with the transaction. If required however I can prepare or arrange the preparation of certain foreign language documents including for example Spanish and Portuguese Powers of Attorney.  Through my network of foreign lawyers I can also arrange for the checking of foreign language documents and for advice from them to you on the transactions with which you are concerned.


If you and I cannot understand each other because of language difficulties, we may have to arrange for a competent interpreter to be available at our interview and this will almost certainly involve a further fee.

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Written Translations

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