If a document is to be signed by you on behalf of a company, partnership, charity, club or other similar body, there are further requirements upon which I may have to insist.  These will include, for example, my verifying your appointment as a director of the company or requiring sight of a company board minute authorising your signature of the document. Please be prepared for these and telephone me so that we can identify any such points of difficulty before you attend the appointment.


 In each case I am likely to require:

  • Evidence of identity of the authorised signatory (as set out above)
  • A copy of the current letterhead (showing the registered office if it is a company)
  • A Letter of Authority, Minute, Resolution or Power of Attorney authorising you to sign the document.  I can provide the form of wording for this if required.

Additionally, for companies:

  • Certificate of Incorporation and of any Change of Name
  • A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Details of Directors and Secretaries
Alternatively I can obtain such documents by undertaking an appropriate online search of the Companies Registry for which there will be a nominal charge.

Additionally, for partnerships, clubs etc:

A Partnership Agreement; or relevant Trust Deed; or Charter; or Constitution/ Rules.

    I may have to insist upon seeing originals of these documents.  If you show me photocopies, they would have to be certified on behalf of the person holding the originals (who may not be able to release them).  The certificate should be in the following form:

I certify that this (with the following … pages) is a true and complete copy of the original document which is currently held by me.

Full name of signatory:

Who certifies in his/her capacity as:

Signature …………………………          

Date ………………..

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Companies and Partnership

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